Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friendship Birb?

Friendship Birb is a community initiative where players group up to help others take down Argus the Unmaker in order to obtain the Violet Spellwing. Multiple organizers are putting together groups of geared and experienced individuals to help those in need of the mount at absolutely no cost.

I want the mount! What are the requirements? How do I get into a run?

Requirements may vary per group, but generally speaking everything is free, you have to be level 110, have Argus unlocked and play in the same region and faction as the host organizing the run. If you aren't familiar with the fight, please watch one of the many guides on YouTube.

Please note that every host has a different method for inviting people into the run so make sure to join their discord server or follow them on twitch, and then read the instructions on how to get invited.

I want to help carry the birb runs!

Message the person in charge of the runs with a link to your character's armory. In general, hosts are looking for players with a character of item level of 960+ that has several Argus kills on Heroic mode.

I want to be notified when runs start!

If you would like to receive discord notifications about new groups and events for your region/faction then you can join the Friendship Birb discord:

I want to organize events for the community! How do I get featured on the main page?

If you are a streamer, guild group or community that organizes runs for the Violet Spellwing mount, and you want to be featured on the site then contact us on discord:

Why are most of the events hosted on Twitch?

Watching a live stream not only makes it a fun experience for everyone watching, but also attracts additional carriers and helpers which allows hosts to consider expanding the number of nights per week that they run. As a community, we have the attitude of "the more the merrier" and feel as though the more attention we get for these runs, the more the community benefits.

Who made the website? I love these colors <3

Website designer: Stephnoob
Website manager: Nightswifty